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Urgent Needs in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 28, 2022


As we shared previously, we are continuing to support our long-time friends and ministry partners in Ukraine (Radooga) as they seek to show the love of Christ through the Spirit of Victory initiative. They are working hard to get resources in the hands of pastors, who can in turn meet the needs of people in their churches and communities— but they need our help.

Supplies in Ukraine have run low, so they are looking to get resources from neighboring countries such as Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia. Servant Life is sending a small team into Budapest, Hungary to help with the purchase of a van, filling it with supplies, and taking it to the Radooga team in Western Ukraine.

If your church has been looking for a tangible way to help with what is happening in Ukraine, here is an urgent opportunity you can support by helping pastors meet physical needs so they can meet spiritual needs.

Here are three ways you can help:

1. Please consider giving financially to support this endeavor. The cost to fill a van is around $6,200, and we would love to be able to take multiple trips with supplies. The cost to purchase a van could be as much as $12,000.

Here are some specific giving thresholds you can help meet and how far your giving can go:

  • $500 - Purchases food to feed multiple families for a week, plus hygiene, plus assists with van procurement

  • $250 - Purchases food to feed 3 families for a week, plus basic hygiene

  • $150 - Purchases food to feed 2 families for a week, plus basic hygiene

  • $75 - Purchases food to feed a family for a week, plus basic hygiene

  • $60 - Purchases food to feed a family for a week

Any amount helps, and we are grateful for your generosity!

2. Consider sharing with your church, as well as with friends and family, and anyone who might help donate. Please share about the opportunity on social media and forward this email to your friends. We are moving forward in faith that these finances will come together, so we need your help getting the word out!

3. Please pray for these details to come together over the next week! There are a lot of moving parts we are trying to coordinate, including the procurement of a van and the arrangement of travel and supplies between Hungary and Ukraine. Pray for our team who is planning to be on the ground Thursday of next week!

Additionally, the Radooga team is continuing to offer online learning to Ukrainian students who are looking for a sense of normalcy in this tumultuous time. Please pray for them so they can continue ministering to more than 1,000 Ukrainian students.

Donations are tax-deductible and can be made at Servant Life or on Venmo.

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