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Spirit of Victory | An Update from Ukraine

It has been a challenging few weeks in Ukraine for our ministry partners at Radooga. Some team members have entered safely into Poland. Many others have remained in the country to organize relief efforts and to assist with the evacuation of citizens. And some have even enlisted in the Ukrainian military to help defend their cities and civilians from these invasions. Our friend Oleg Vasilevsky, who gives leadership to Radooga and has been a Servant Life partner since 1999, has been working hard along with his team to assist with humanitarian needs. They have launched an effort called the "Spirit of Victory," which is an alliance of Ukrainian non-profits and individuals who are seeking to provide humanitarian support to the many who are in need.


"My number one goal is to fill warehouses with food to distribute to the churches," Oleg told us.


While Oleg V. is working to help Ukrainian citizens by meeting basic needs, one of our friends, a Ukrainian pastor named Oleg Magdych, has stayed behind to help protect the streets of Kyiv. In an emotional interview with Fox News, he shared about some of his current realities and experiences.

If you would like to support efforts in Ukraine in a tangible way, we are accepting donations on our website, or on Venmo. All proceeds will go directly to our partners at Radooga to help with their needs and the needs of others amidst this ongoing crisis. We also ask you to continue praying for some of these specific prayer requests! Pray for... - Oleg V., Gleb, and the Radooga team in Western Ukraine, as they give leadership to Spirit of Victory. - Lena Vasilevsky (Oleg's wife) and the Radooga team in Poland, as they lead out with remote learning opportunities for students who are longing for community and a sense of normalcy. - Oleg M., as he gives leadership to a group of men who are protecting the streets of Kyiv. - Sam, along with his wife Zee and their two kids, as Sam has enlisted and is stationed in Kyiv. - Oleg's son Oleksii, who has also enlisted, and is currently in need of additional protective gear (helmet and armor). - Those in cities such Kyiv, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Lutsk, Chernihiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Mykolaiv, and many others. - Some of our other friends such as the Perekotiy family, Ilya, Anna, Tamara, Danil, Nikita, the entire Radooga and JAMM staffs, and many others. - Our politicians here in the U.S. and other countries, that they would do everything possible to protect the innocent civilians of Ukraine.

Donations made to Servant Life via Venmo or the website will be sent directly to Radooga in Ukraine to assist with relief and other needs during the ongoing crisis.

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