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Trip Information


Toronto, Canada (and outlying suburbs)


Typically Saturday to Saturday.

Spring break, late June, July.


Max group size of 40. 


$529 plus airfare (cost details)


Local church partnership. Day camps, sports camps, evangelism, door to door surveying, community outreach and events.

Servant Life partners with the International Mission Board, NAMB, and the Toronto Church Planting network to serve with church plants in the Greater Toronto Area. Teams will be partnered with a local Baptist church for the week in order to help that church engage in outreach to their nearby community through camps, community events, and door to door ministry. Toronto has become one of the most multicultural cities in the world and continues to become increasingly post-Christian, creating a huge need for Christian influence and ministry. Since these churches operate in a culture that is not generally inclined toward Christian teachings, churches have to be very strategic in order to utilize teams well and engage their communities with the gospel. Servant Life is thrilled for this opportunity to do ministry amongst many different people groups and working alongside local churches to proclaim the gospel of Christ.

What will my team be doing? 

Spring Break teams will focus on college ministry, but summer groups will have more focus on ministry to youth, children, and families to help these church plants connect to new people in their communities. Part of your ministry could include day camps, block parties, or VBS type ministry, while you may also spend significant time doing door to door ministry and "surveying"-- a huge asset to help these church planters know which homes and families they need to follow up with. The local ministry team in Toronto is very strategic in all of their ministry efforts, and will want to help equip your team with evangelism tools and resources to make sure you are ready to share the good news of Christ (this training has been a highlight for many of our teams). Servant Life teams typically stay in apartment style or townhome style suite setups on university campuses, or in hotels. Some time during your trip, you'll have a day to explore the city of Toronto. Or, if you'd like to make the trek to nearby Niagara Falls, you'll have the opportunity to do that as well.

What does a general weekly schedule look like?

  • Saturday. Travel day. Arrive and get settled in.

  • Sunday. Worship with local church (could be involved in kids ministry, worship, etc). Afternoon fellowship and ministry prip. 

  • Monday - Thursday. Ministry: Day camps, sports camps, door to door surveying, evangelism, VBS, community outreach events.

  • Friday. Continued ministry plus an end of the week community event like a cookout. Or, Friday morning (or one of the other days) could be a "free day" to explore Toronto, Niagara Falls, etc.

  • Saturday. Travel day. Depart for home.

What does my cost include?

  • Housing. You will be staying on a university campus in apartment or suite style lodging, or in a hotel.

  • Supplemental Traveler's Insurance. In the event of a medical emergency, you'll be covered with an international policy!

  • T-Shirt. Every participant gets an awesome mission trip t-shirt.

  • Pre-Trip Training Material. We provide training sessions, trip overview documents, assistance from our team of mission trip experts, and communication with in-country missionaries to make sure your group is fully prepared for your trip.

  • Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals. This 4-week printed missions journal will help every team member grow and encounter Christ.

  • * Meals. Breakfast is typically included where you are staying, but lunch and dinner are not included in the base cost. Many teams do sack lunches on ministry days and a variety of things for dinner (ranging from pizza to fast food to sit down restaurants to frozen meals). Our partner churches in Toronto will be able to recommend some great local options.

  • * In-country transportation is not included. Your group will be responsible for your own transportation once in Toronto. Teams usually rent vans or cars, and we can assist you in that rental process.

  • (Note: Most of our international trips do include the cost of your meals and transportation; Toronto is an exception. If you're looking for a trip where these are included, check out Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Bahamas, Peru, Bulgaria, UK, Spain, Kenya, or others).

Airfare is not included in the trip cost, but will be taken care of by Servant Life's travel agent who gets humanitarian rates and often free baggage. You may book on your own if you prefer to do so, but we ask to approve the itinerary first.

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