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Trip Information





Saturday to Saturday


Max group size: 40

(contact us if larger)




Local church partnership; Reservation outreach. Relational ministry.


Servant Life partners with a local church about 30 minutes outside of Missoula, MT who is ministering to their community on a Native American reservation. Life on the reservation is difficult, and many families live in poverty or struggle with the harsh realities of alcohol abuse or depression. While there are great opportunities for ministry, it is important for the local church and short-term teams to be sensitive to Native American culture and tradition in order to make sure that we don't do more harm than good. Our goal is to love and respect people from a different cultural background while ultimately pointing them to Christ as the ultimate fulfillment of every man's longing and deepest desire.

The goal of this trip is to work with the local church, to help them be a light in the community and to support their ongoing work in reaching people with the good news of the gospel! 

What will my team be doing? 

Ministry activities can vary from trip to trip, but teams can expect to be involved with some form of relational ministry. Teams are often helping with kids or youth ministry, such as VBS or sports camps, but can also be involved with food distribution or opportunities for prayer and evangelism. Some teams will also have opportunities for construction or repair projects to help meet tangible needs of people in the community. During the week, teams will generally have a full day off to enjoy something like Glacier National Park, but there are also numerous opportunities throughout the week (such as in the evenings) to enjoy some nearby outings or opportunities for hiking and enjoying nature.

What does a general weekly schedule look like?

  • Saturday. Travel day. Arrive and get settled in. 

  • Sunday. Worship with local church. After lunch, be part of ministry in the community or enjoy an outing.

  • Monday - Thursday. Primary ministry days. 3-4 hours of ministry in the morning. Break for lunch. Afternoon ministry. Dinner at the church and evening outing (your own expense), if you desire.

  • Friday. Free day. Check out something like Glacier National Park, or whatever you want to do! Any free day activities will be your expense.

  • Saturday. Travel day. Fly out of Missoula or drive home.

What does my cost include?

  • Housing. Your team will be staying at the local church, where air mattresses and bedding are provided (along with shower and kitchens).

  • Meals. Food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be purchased for you as part of your trip cost, but your team will need to help cook and prepare your own meals.

  • T-Shirt. Every participant gets an awesome mission trip t-shirt.

  • Pre-Trip Training Material. We provide training sessions, trip overview documents, assistance from our team of mission trip experts, and communication with in-country missionaries to make sure your group is fully prepared for your trip.

  • Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals. This 4-week printed missions journal will help every team member grow and encounter Christ.

  • Transportation is NOT included in the trip cost. You will be responsible for any costs associated with driving or flying, as well as having vehicles to get around during the week. Most teams fly into Missoula and rent vehicles from the airport.

Airfare is not included in the trip cost, but will be taken care of by Servant Life's travel agent who gets humanitarian rates and often free baggage. You may book on your own if you prefer to do so, but we ask to approve the itinerary first.

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