The A1eight Project is a Servant Life program that allows college-students to serve in a missional context for the entire summer.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth." - Acts 1:8

How does the A1eight Project work?
  • College-aged individuals will have the opportunity to serve with one of our mission partners around the world (see A1eight mission partners below). If you have completed a full year out of high school or are 19 years of age, you can apply to be part of an A1eight team.

  • Apply online and complete an interview (in person in Birmingham, AL, or virtually on FaceTime, Zoom, etc.).

  • If accepted, be placed on a team that generally comprises 3-4 individuals.

  • Attend the Training Weekend in the spring to prepare for a summer of serving. 

  • Experience disciple making in a global context for 6-12 weeks.

  • Explore and learn through various missions related resources.

  • Be a part of a small team that serves alongside a missionary serving on the field.

  • Help lead and host short-term teams that come to serve with you in your context.

Make disciples this summer. All summer.

Want to join us next summer? Apply by Jan. 31, 2022 for the summer of 2022.

Have questions? Shoot us an email at info@servantlife.com.

2021 A1eight Project Locations

Guatemala ($2550 + airfare; additional $200 recommended activity cost)

Servant Life partners with Clubhouse Guatemala in Guatemala City and the Pacaya region about 1.5 hrs outside of the city. Clubhouse works with established churches and church plants to reach children and adults with the gospel. You will have the opportunity to minister to youth and children in one of the many different villages or sections of the city where Clubhouse Guatemala is working through a variety of ways (going into school systems, partner with local churches, host VBS-type activities for hundreds of kids, light construction, food & clothing distribution, and home visits to the community).

New York City ($2700 + airfare)

Servant Life partners with Urban Nations Outreach (UNO). UNO is an outreach ministry to unreached immigrant people groups in New York (geared towards Muslims from West Africa and Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs of South Asia). Most of the people ministered to come from closed countries where missionaries and evangelism are not allowed. UNO hosts ESL lessons and children's and youth day camps, with the hope of sharing Jesus Christ with Muslim students and their parents. At their two ministry centers, they have many classes and services (ESL & citizenship classes, computer classes, youth and teen programs). Learn the subway system like the back of your hand and do ministry among the unreached.

Bulgaria (estimated $3200+ airfare)

With only about 2% of the country being Evangelical Christian, there is a deep need for the name of Christ to be known and worshiped.The ministry of Mission: Bulgaria seeks to strengthen the Bulgarian church by sharing the hope and love of Christ through children's festivals, food distribution, orphan care, worship services, teaching English to children, and Christmas shoe boxes. Mission: Bulgaria has seen the Lord plant and establish new churches. While staying in Sofia, you will travel back and forth to a few outlying regions to work with local churches. This will primarily involve ministry to the Roma people (mostly Muslim) through community-wide ministry and outreach. When a team shows up in a village or a community, it causes much of the village to come out and participate, where they will not only see you acting with the love of Christ, but will have the opportunity to hear about the love of Christ as well.

Toronto (estimated $3250+ airfare).

Servant Life partners with the International Mission Board and Toronto Church Planting in Canada. Our mission partner is involved with college ministry in Toronto. Toronto has become one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Your time in Toronto will consist of evangelism on the campus of the University of Toronto and also community outreach to children and youth through day camps, block parties, and VBS type ministry. Enjoy the summer exploring Toronto and visit places like Niagra Falls! 

United Kingdom ($TBA + airfare)

Join in with other interns and help short term teams as they serve through camp ministry. Youth from the area will come to the park or other venue where the camp is held, play games, and then be told the gospel by our mission partner's staff members as well as Servant Life team members. You will play a vital role in sharing Jesus with teenagers in NE England! You'll also be involved in servant evangelism. Not to mention, you'll get to do some sightseeing and explore quaint little English towns such as York. 

Spain ($TBA + airfare)

Teams will be a part of a series of day hikes along the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage with the opportunity to speak to others about faith along the way. This will give a foundation for understanding more of the culture of the Basque Country in particular. There will be chances to meet people from all of the world and have conversations that we pray will be a meaningful part of their journey. Our student volunteers will be participating in day hikes and will return to their hotel/dorm/apartment each night. Groups will also provide afternoon mini day camps for preschool and elementary aged kids. Our partners can offer fternoon childcare while sharing the love of Jesus through games, skits, and songs and all in English. Groups will also have the opportunity to organize meet-ups with high school students for the purpose of cultural exchange and gospel conversations. Through daily meet-ups with high school students, you will actually have the chance to get to know and invest in the lives of students who have had little or no exposure to the gospel. What starts off as awkward conversations turns into life changing dialog about finding purpose and joy in life through a relationship with Jesus. 

Ukraine ($TBD + airfare)

Servant Life partners with Radooga. Radooga is a unique ministry in Ukraine driven by the vision to strengthen the church through camps. The Radooga staff work toward this goal by presenting youth summer camps and equipping other people for the same task. You will be working alongside Radooga's summer camp, specifically English/JAMM Camp or Orphan Camp. You will join the Radooga staff in sharing the gospel, playing games, worshipping through song, and other similar activities.  At English/JAMM Camp, as the name suggests, you will have the chance to help Ukrainian children learn English during their time at camp, as well as, spend time leading or helping facilitate "Master" classes such as, business, show biz and art.

*All locations are subject to change. We do not plan to have teams in all locations, but these represent all of the possibly options. Only those locations that show the most interest by our applicants and have the greatest need by our partners will be filled with teams. Guatemala and NYC are two locations that most often need teams, and other locations may vary from year to year.