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Kenya | Kisumu

Trip Information


Kisumu, Western Kenya


Thursday to the following Saturday.

June and July.


Max group size of 16 (contact us if larger)


$1099 plus airfare (cost details)


Local church partnership: VBS, evangelism, outreach, home construction, feeding programs.

The local church is at the heart and center of short-term ministry in Kenya. Servant Life partners with a ministry seeking to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of their communities. This is done by providing meals to the community through the local church, and using those opportunities to share the gospel and invite families to church. A holistic ministry approach like this ensures that people see the love of Christ in action while also hearing the good news of the gospel. Malnourishment is a serious issue in many Kenyan communities, and over prolonged periods it can lead to devastating effects in the lives of children. By offering feeding programs, the church is not just gaining an opportunity to witness, but is able to meet a serious need and offer hope to those who are hurting.

While having access to food is so critical, it is only part of the church's ministry. Offering bread is good, but offering the Bread of Life is even better!

Note: Teams will be working in the Kisumu area of Kenya. Most teams will fly from Nairobi to Kisumu. This is only a 35 minute flight that costs around $125 per person.

What will my team be doing? 

Short-term teams will be working directly with these churches who are meeting the physical and spiritual needs of their communities, but will have broader opportunities for kingdom impact. While teams will have some opportunities to be part of the feeding programs with churches, teams will also be part of evangelism and outreach in the communities, inviting people to come participate in church services. Teams will also help the local churches host VBS type events as a way of sharing the gospel and teaching the Bible to youth, children, and their families. For a very reasonable price of around $400 per home, your team can also help build a home for a family in need (many teams will choose to help build three homes over the course of the week, but this is optional).

What does a general weekly schedule look like?

  • Thursday. Depart from the U.S. in the evening.

  • Friday. Arrive in Nairobi, spend the night at a hotel (included in the cost).

  • Saturday. 35 minute flight to Kisumu. Evangelism, outreach, inviting people to church on Sunday morning.

  • Sunday. Worship with local church. Meal with the church. Afternoon: Cultural activities, optional expenses at Lake Victoria (hippo ride, safari experience, etc.)

  • Monday - Thursday. Ministry days with local church: VBS, evangelism, outreach, feeding programs, home construction. (Note: the cost to build a home is $450 per home).

  • Friday. 35 minute flight to Nairobi. Depart from Nairobi that afternoon / evening.

  • Saturday. Arrive back home in the U.S.

What does my cost include?

  • Kenya visa. Each person will need a $50 visa in order to go through customs and entry the country, and this is included in the cost.

  • In-country transportation. You're responsible for purchasing your flight into Nairobi and into Kisumu (we can help coordinate that), but once you land in Kisumu our team on the ground will take you everywhere during the week. There will be some walking expected of your team, but anything that requires a drive will be taken care of by our team.

  • Housing. Your team will stay at a guest house with twin beds and access to bathrooms and showers.

  • Meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day! (Note: You need to pay for your own meals at the airport, while traveling, etc.)

  • Supplemental Traveler's Insurance. In the event of a medical emergency, you'll be covered with an international policy!

  • T-Shirt. Every participant gets an awesome mission trip t-shirt.

  • Pre-Trip Training Material. We provide training sessions, trip overview documents, assistance from our team of mission trip experts, and communication with in-country missionaries to make sure your group is fully prepared for your trip.

  • Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals. This 4-week printed missions journal will help every team member grow and encounter Christ.

Airfare is not included in the trip cost, but will be taken care of by Servant Life's travel agent who gets humanitarian rates and often free baggage. You may book on your own if you prefer to do so, but we ask to approve the itinerary first.

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