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What we need from you.


Paperwork is due two months prior to your trip. Each participant should fill out the following paperwork: 

FOR SERVANT LIFE OFFICE (send these to us!)

  • Mission Assist Registration Form - This Excel spreadsheet will give us the details needed to confirm your airfare information, purchase optional trip insurance, and make sure we have the correct t-shirt sizes for your group if you purchase them, etc. Please make sure all names appear as they are on passports (international trips) or driver's license (domestic trips). Save the file as .xls or .xlsx and email to once completed.

  • Group Leader Agreement -  This form only needs to be filled out by the GROUP LEADER. (One per group.) It can be emailed to

  • Passport Copies - We ask for a copy of each participant's passport if traveling internationally. This will not only help us avoid issues with your airfare, but we also include these copies in your paperwork binder (along with insurance) when we mail your trip box, so you have these on file in the event of an emergency. These can either be mailed to our office or scanned as a batch and emailed to our team at


FOR YOUR POSSESSION (keep these for yourself!)

  • International Medical Release Form - Please have each participant fill out this form which must be signed and notarized for ALL participants (unless your church already has a Medical Release for trip participants). A parent or guardian must also sign this form for team members under 18. 

    • This form should be kept in your possession and not sent to the Servant Life office as we do not require a copy of this. This form is to take with you on your trip in the event of a medical emergency. We will provide a binder for you in the Servant Life Trip Box in which you can keep each person's Medical Release with you during your travels in case of emergency.

  • Application - This is not mandatory, but Servant Life suggests each group has a vetting process in place for participants. You may have already done this. We simply want to make sure your team members have the appropriate attitude and understanding of your trip. This form is not required and only intended to help if your church does not already have something in place for this purpose. 

  • Minor Consent to Travel Form - This is another optional form, as it is only for your benefit and not required. This form may be helpful if anyone questions your group for traveling with minors whose parents are not present. The airlines should not give you any trouble as long as the minors in your group are clearly traveling with adults and are not unaccompanied, but you could be questioned at any point, and this form may come in handy.

This is all the necessary paperwork you will need to complete for your trip. Some items are required to be sent to our office, some items you will keep, and some are optional. Once you receive the paperwork from your group members, you can mail the needed items back to Servant Life at P.O. Box 36307, Birmingham, AL 35246. Paperwork is due two months prior to your trip to our office.


Servant Life will book all airfare through our travel agency. We generally require everyone in your group to travel together, but please let us know if you have any special requests for specific team members. Generally we can hold your reservations with a $100 per person deposit to the airline, and then the full payment is due around 45 days before your trip when the airfare is actually ticketed. Once tickets have been purchased, they must be paid for regardless of circumstances. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable, though we do sometimes have agreements with the airlines that will allow for a partial refund.

Once your group is in place, let us know as soon as possible so we can begin securing your tickets at the lowest possible rate. To do this, please email the first name, last name, and date of birth for each person in your group to


If we send you an itinerary and you approve of the purchase of those tickets, you are responsible for the payment of any purchased tickets. Once a ticket is purchased, payment for that ticket must be in our office within 5 business days.

All tickets must be secured and paid in full no later than 45 days before departure. 

PLEASE NOTE: All checks and money orders must be made out to SERVANT LIFE. Please mail all payments and donations to PO Box 36307, Birmingham, AL 35236.

What you get from us.

Servant Life Field Manual
This document is your greatest resource in preparing for your trip. Inside you will find a sample schedule, ministry activities, lodging info, a packing list, a thorough “how to share you faith” guide, and other notes regarding your trip.

Servant Life Training Sessions
This document is an optional aid for you as you prepare your team to serve on mission together. There are four training sessions included which cover the biblical foundation of missions, spiritual preparation, cross-cultural ministry, and logisitcal details to discuss for your group (what to pack, etc).

Servant Life Debrief Session
This document is an optional aid for you as you lead your students through processing what they encountered while on your trip. 

Servant Life Trip Checklists

Other Resources.

Planning Timeline

Check out a timeline of the planning process here! 

Training Videos
We want to make it is as easy as possible for you to provide some training for your group—and this is as simple as it gets. Call a group session, hit play on these videos, and follow up each video with some discussion questions and dialogue (which we also provide!). This document contains instructions on how to access the videos, as well as discussion questions.

Evangelism Training Resources


Fundraising Ideas
We know that it is a significant financial undertaking to mobilize students and adults to the mission field. This page has a list of ideas to consider for fundraisers. We highly recommend checking out Fund the Nations—they are good friends of ours, they have a great model to help you fundraise, and they do quality work. You can also find a sample "support letter" on this page if you are going to ask for financial support from friends, family, and church members.

CDC Info
For information on shots and what is required to visit each country, please visiit the Center for Disease Control for the most updated information. 

Suggested Reading
This page on our website has some great recommendations if you are wanting to offer some reading content to your group. 

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