Testimonials from the Field: Why Group Leaders Love Servant Life Trips!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

We have some incredible mission partners around the world looking for short-term teams to make long-term impact. But don’t just take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our church group leaders had to say about their experiences on these Servant Life trips.


“The Memphis trip is a fantastic trip to take with your students. It’s been a privilege to work with the Servant Life partners there. They’re organized and enthusiastic, great at working with you as you prepare your team to come, and most importantly their love for Jesus and their community is obvious. We loved that we weren’t just randomly going somewhere, doing some mission projects and then leaving; but instead partnering with a ministry that has a heart and vision to reach others with the gospel. We knew things wouldn’t end once we left, and that there would be follow up with those we ministered to during our week there.

My students loved this trip! They were stretched in their faith, forced to step outside their comfort zones, and had some eye opening experiences. Some of my students who participated had never been on a mission trip before, and it was awesome to see how they were challenged and grew in their walks with God. The Memphis trip is a great one to be a part of whether it’s you and your students first mission trip or hundredth one. I highly recommend it!”

– Mike, Student Pastor, Pennsylvania


“We love this trip to New York City because it exposes our students to many people groups and religions with whom they normally do not have contact… Our students are able to spend time with children as they lead kids clubs in parks, pointing them to the Gospel but they are also able to interact with teens and adults through helping lead ESL classes. Spending an hour of focused time with one person during ESL is invaluable as our students build relationships through which they can share the Gospel. Every year our students tell us ESL is their favorite aspect of this trip.

I would encourage any group leader to consider this trip because it is a great chance to share the Gospel with people who come from places where the Gospel is often not allowed to be shared publicly. Kids Clubs and ESL classes are more conducive to evangelism than other options offered on many mission trips.”

-Dave, High School Pastor, Texas


“Toronto is a global city with much diversity and need for the gospel. The church we partnered with was an amazing congregation that God is using to reach their neighborhood for Jesus. One of the reasons we selected Toronto is to expose our students to a post-Christian culture. Toronto helps students to see that ministry is a long-term process in which God is doing the work. Students gained confidence in sharing their testimony and the gospel even when the reception to that message was not what they would have hoped for. Students were also encouraged by the relationships that they were able to build with kids and the church members throughout the week. Serving alongside the local church made this a ministry that our team and their team did together rather than a program we were coming to perform for the week.

Toronto is a great city for ministry with deep needs and great mission partners. This is an affordable trip that serves as a good initial mission trip for a group as well as a closer trip for parents that may have hesitations with their student going overseas. The lack of a language barrier and the minor cultural differences allow students to focus on engaging relationally with the people rather than being worried about the barriers. I would highly recommend this trip!”

-Ben, Minister of Students, Alabama


“Bulgaria is HOME! Seems like from the first time I ever went on mission there… it feels like home. The people. The country. The pastors and churches we serve with there… just make us feel like home. The mission is REAL and you can see how the Gospel is changing lives.