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How Can We Pray for Haiti?

Since the assassination of the country’s president in 2021, Haiti’s prime minister, Ariel Henry has held onto power even as gang violence, kidnapping, and killing at will has soared. In recent days, Prime Minister Henry has resigned leaving the country in even further distress. As neighboring countries seek to help establish a transition government, now is an important time to remember to pray for the people of Haiti.

Here are specific things to pray for…

  •  Pray for God to restore peace to Haiti and for the gangs to stop the violence.

  • Pray for the government leaders working to establish peace in Haiti.

  • Pray for God to provide every Haitian with needed resources to survive such as housing, medicine, and food.

  • Pray for the international community’s response to Haiti.

  • Pray for God to protect the Christians in Haiti and to use them to show the way of Jesus even amidst the challenges.

Servant Life looks forward to the day that we can send short-term mission teams into Haiti again to serve alongside our church partners. You can support the work of a great ministry that continues at great risk to serve the most vulnerable in Haiti. Click Here to Donate Now.

Servant Life would like to shine a light on Mission of Hope which works alongside local churches and leaders in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to transform lives through church advancement, nutrition, education, and medical care. Mission of Hope has a proven distribution and ministry model that God has used and grown over the last 25 years, which has allowed us to reach people and serve their needs - despite the traumatic events happening in Haiti.

Make any purchase on our mission trip store or donation to receive a free Haiti patch to have as a reminder to pray for Haiti.

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