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Fundraising ideas for your next mission trip!

When it comes to raising support for your trip, there are many different fundraising options. As you begin to explore fundraising methods, remember that the main goal is to effectively communicate what you are doing and how others can help. Listed below are a few fundraising ideas that have worked well for our teams over the years.


We strongly believe in the importance of being a part of the local church, and being sent to do missions by that local body of believers. When seeking support for your trip, your goal is not only financial support, but spiritual support as well. Getting your church involved in your missions experience allows them to know how to best pray, support, and encourage you before, during, and after you return from your trip.

  • Talk to your pastor about speaking to the church congregation.

  • Ask if your church has funds available to help support people going on mission trips.

  • Talk to Bible study groups in your church about partnering with you for financial and prayer support. This is a great way to involve the senior adults in your church. You might be surprised by how much the rest of the church wants to support you.

  • Ask if the church will help plan, support, and execute a fundraiser for you and your team.


This is proven to be one of the most effective fundraising efforts. Write a letter to family and friends or anyone who may be willing to contribute financially to your trip. Check out our sample support letter here!


Everyone wears t-shirts, right? Selling a custom shirt for your trip is an easy way for groups or individuals to fundraise for mission trips. You will quickly find that people want to support you, and a t-shirt gives them something in return for their support– as well a visible reminder to pray for you.

We strongly encourage you to check out Fund the Nations, a great organization that works with individuals and groups to design and deliver fundraising t-shirts. They have designed all of the shirts in the Servant Life Store and are truly awesome to work with. They also help keep costs low so that you can quickly raise money from your proceeds!

4. DINNER OR BANQUET Hosting a dinner or banquet for a large group of people from your church will allow you to speak to the group about your mission trip. This will get the word out about how people can help support your trip. We’ve seen groups do baked potato bars, pancake breakfasts, and spaghetti dinners to name a few examples.

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