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Trip Information



Merida, Mexico

Saturday to Friday, or

Sat. - Sat., or Fri. - Fri. 

Spring Break, Summer, Fall.


Max group size of 24

Min. group size of 10


(Note: This location has tiered pricing based on group size.)


Medical clinics

Just a few hours around the coast from Cancun along the Yucatan Peninsula lies the historic city of Merida, Mexico (with its own international airport, where teams can fly directly). Merida is considered the second safest city in North America according to a recent study and has been named the "American Capital of Culture." Servant Life partners with a local seminary and a network of more than 40 Baptist churches in Merida and the surrounding areas. Short-term teams will be staying at hotels (included in the cost) and partnering with churches to host medical clinics, which will help these churches reach their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What will my team be doing? 

Teams will be hosting medical clinics in conjunction with partner churches in and around Merida. Teams will stay at a hotel in downtown Merida and travel each day to the location of clinics. Medical clinics may be hosted in public schools, churches, or other facilities that meet our needs. The church and missionaries will do the work of advertising for the clinic and inviting the community to attend; your role will be to host clinics by providing the medical expertise to see patients, help diagnose and treat their ailments, and show them the love of Christ. There are also roles for non-medical participants to be helping with the clinics, or if your team is large enough, your non-medical group could be at a separate ministry site doing things like VBS, evangelism, outreach, and light construction. Your team will also have time to enjoy the beautiful city of Merida and Mexican culture.

What does a general weekly schedule look like?

  • Saturday. Travel day. Arrive and get settled in.

  • Sunday. Attend church service. Cultural day in Merida. Prep for clinics.

  • Monday - Thursday. Medical clinics.

  • Friday. Travel day. Depart Merida and arrive back to the U.S.

(Note: Teams can add an additional day for an additional cost.)

What does my cost include?

  • (Note: This location has tiered pricing based on your group size and the length of your trip).

  • In-country transportation. From the moment you land at the airport until the moment you leave, we will take you everywhere during the week.

  • Housing. Your team will stay in a hotel near downtown Merida with typically two people per room (two twin beds).

  • Meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every day! (Note: You need to pay for your own meals at the airport, while traveling, etc.)

  • Supplemental Traveler's Insurance. In the event of a medical emergency, you'll be covered with an international policy! (Note: There may be an additional charge, normally around $25, for each person over the age of 50 to cover the increased cost of an insurance policy).

  • T-Shirt. Every participant gets an awesome mission trip t-shirt.

  • Pre-Trip Training Material. We provide training sessions, trip overview documents, assistance from our team of mission trip experts, and communication with in-country missionaries to make sure your group is fully prepared for your trip.

  • Pre, During, and Post-trip Devotionals. This 4-week printed missions journal will help every team member grow and encounter Christ.

Note: The cost of medicine to be distributed at clinics is NOT included in the trip cost, and is an additional expense that you will be responsible for. The reason for this is that the cost of medicine can vary greatly depending on how large your medical team is and how many patients you plan to see over the course of the week. Once those details are determined, we can build out a budget for medical supplies and determine the total price of medicine, which can be included on your final invoice to be paid about 35 days before your trip. We will then purchase the medicine in Mexico and have it ready for your arrival. For a team wanting to treat 1000-1200 patients over the course of the week, the budget is around $4,000. For smaller medical teams or fewer days of clinics, the cost would obviously be lower.


Airfare is not included in the trip cost, but will be taken care of by Servant Life's travel agent who gets humanitarian rates and often free baggage. You may book on your own if you prefer to do so, but we ask to approve the itinerary first.

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