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Ukraine | A note about our partners there

What is going on in Ukraine is hard to watch. For those who don’t know, Ukraine was the first country Servant Life began mobilizing mission teams to in the late 90’s— just a few years after the fall of communism there in 1991.

We first met our partner from Ukraine when he came to a camp here in the states and said he too wanted to lead camps to share the gospel with Ukrainian students. Shortly thereafter, we began partnering with Radooga and sending teams over to teach English while sharing the gospel. One of the odd things to me was that we would use former soviet student camp facilities that they used to indoctrinate kids into communist thinking. We were using them for English language camps and gospel advancement. I stood in one, praying that thousands of students would now hear the truth and goodness of God in that place.

As I have watched the news the last few days, I have seen images of places we have stood with Ukrainian teenagers and pastors praying, talking, playing and worshiping together. The Church has continued to grow and be on the move over the last thirty years of freedom.

Ukraine is a beautiful country, full of beautiful, peace-loving people. However, over the last eight years it has been hard to send teams to serve due to the various threats of hostility resulting in Russia occupying Crimea and now pushing to control the independent nation of Ukraine through devasting attacks. The Boryspil International airport that we have gone in and out of was one of the first civilian areas to be attacked. These are terrifying times for many of the people of Ukraine.

Throughout the struggle we have continued to support our mission partners and friends in Ukraine. We have continued to host them here in the states as they have advocated and advanced their mission and ministry. Many of you know them personally. The Lord has continued to bless their work and grown their team. Difficult circumstances are not uncommon for the Church or the advancement of the gospel.

Today that team is having to make some tough decisions as they evacuate parts of Kyiv and move toward the west (further from the violence) while other team members and family remain behind in the city. We are praying for their safety and know under the Lord’s leadership they will continue to encourage and grow the Church there in Ukraine.

I am asking you right now to stop and specifically pray for the Christ-followers in Ukraine, Radooga team, JAMM Camp and staff, Oleg and Lena Vasilevsky as well as other names like Gleb, Anna, Sofia, Sam, Magdych, Perekotiy family, Tamara, Danil, Nikita and so many others (some of whom are pictured below).

Additionally, we want to give you a safe way to give if you want to help with basic needs for the ministry of Radooga. You can click HERE and give through Servant Life, or scan the Venmo QR code below. Any and all gifts will go directly to the team at Radooga to help with their needs right now as they take care of their team and assess needs they have. If you leave a note or prayer, those will also be passed on.

May we all hold tightly to the promise of Jesus, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” John 16:33.

J. Roger Davis

Executive Director

Servant Life

Any donations made via Venmo will also go directly to the team at Radooga. You can scan the QR code below or find @ServantLife on Venmo.

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