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The Big Questions for 2021 Mission Trips

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The last nine months have created many questions and uncertainties for Christians as we think about how to live faithfully amidst a global pandemic. As we enter into 2021, our team at Servant Life wanted to help answer some of the biggest questions that are lingering as groups start thinking about 2021 mission trips.

Some of those questions are outlined below.

Can groups go on international trips?

The short answer is yes, we have had groups already return to the mission field as early as September and still have groups going on international trips right now in January. Different countries have different requirements for entry, with many of them requiring a negative Covid test taken a few days before your trip, and some are simply taking your temperature upon arrival. Other countries may be slower to open back up, but many countries are open, and the need is as great as ever for the gospel to be proclaimed.

Is it safe to fly right now?

Some people are nervous about being in a closed cabin, but research has shown that being on a flight might be much safer than you think, even when middle seats are occupied. Check out this 1 minute video to learn more about how air circulates in the cabin and how the filters help keep it a safe environment.

Will a vaccine be required to travel?

There has been speculation about whether or not airlines will require people to be vaccinated, but no airlines have put this into practice. It may be months before the vaccine is accessible for the entire population, and the airlines can't require anything before then (and a vaccine may not be required for minors at all). While it's possible that a vaccine could be required at some point, we just don't know what that will look like or how early that could be implemented. We might one day see that public schools, universities, or other venues such as airlines requiring the vaccine, but as of now nothing is required.

What should my group do as we're trying to navigate 2021 plans?

That's the biggest question, isn't it? We have many churches who have already made international or domestic plans for the upcoming summer, but some groups want to see what developments take place over the next few months before making a decision. What do we recommend? Don't wait too long and risk missing out on a trip altogether. Go ahead and make your plans, but don't commit any finances to things such as airfare or other expenses that can be delayed.

If an international trip feels like too much this year, consider domestic mission trip options in places like Memphis, St. Louis, New York City, Orlando, and more! Our team at Servant Life would love to talk through any of our 2021 mission trips and learn how we can partner with you and your church!

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