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Peru – Your Short-Term Mission Trip Makes a Difference

Every group joining Servant Life on a short-term mission trip in Peru lodges at the Kiley

Stuesse Mission Center. Here, groups get to spend time with students who are part of

the Life and Work program.

The Life and Work program helps train students from orphanages and extremely poor

families. They get to live at the center and develop skills that position them to work at

the best hotels and restaurants in Cusco: cooking and serving typical Peruvian dishes

and desserts, housekeeping, customer service, computer skills, English, posture, and

presence. They also learn first aid, public speaking, small group dynamics, personal

finance, business plan preparation, and how to study and apply the Bible. In addition,

they participate in community projects, discipleship groups, house churches, and field

trips and help us support our short-term mission teams.

Just for serving on your mission trip, you are investing in an incredible ministry providing

life skills for students to better provide for their families. We would love to have you

serve with us.

What will your team be doing?

Teams will fly into either Cusco or Lima and be serving either at a ministry center, an

orphanage, or alongside our house church planters for the week. Cusco is in the

12,000-foot range of the Andes, and some physical demands should be considered as a

team plans for this opportunity. Missional experiences will primarily focus on one of the

three locations: a ministry center near the Cusco area, an orphanage about four to five

hours outside of Cusco in Cachora that will be both a ministry site as well as a base

camp for your team to go out and do community ministry (for more info on the difference

in these sites, read below), or in Lima serving alongside our missionaries and church

planters. It is best if teams have a healthy number of adults joining the trip, and teams

should hold to conservative theological doctrine and be prepared to share testimonies,

teach Bible lessons, and present the Gospel regularly throughout the trip. The house

church network is constantly growing and many teams will be working in regions where

new churches are being planted. Teams are encouraged to prepare for specific

passages of Scripture to teach and preach and bring excitement for sharing their

journey of faith that is both contagious and consistent with biblical doctrine.

However God is calling you to get involved, our team would love to connect and help.

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