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Northern Ireland Group Experience

We had no idea of what to expect when we agreed to take a team to serve in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was the first time for me, or anyone on our team, to go on a mission trip not to a developing country. Not only was this not a developing country but very western. We quickly realized the needs we would be facing would not be for clothing, food, education, or housing but a great need for a fresh move of God. This area of the world is steeped in tradition and we saw that in the stained glass and in the conversations we had.

In our time serving in Belfast and the surrounding areas, we participated primarily in Play, Believe, Live Clubs. These gave us opportunities to spend time with children in a local primary school as well as at a church desperate to reach its neighborhood. We’d spend time with these kids in activities and song, getting to hear a little of their stories, and sharing the story of a real God who really loves them.

In our preparation for this trip, Servant Life was monumental in helping get us there handling so many of the details and making it so much easier on me as the leader. They coordinated with me the entire process and made sure any hassles I may have had were gone. I could have done all the legwork as far as travel, visas, etc. but Servant Life is really good at mobilizing and the logistical details and took that burden off of my shoulders allowing me to focus on my team and my family as we took on this trip.

The beauty of this country is unmatched except for the kindness we often encountered. The team at Salt Factory Sports led well and is incredibly passionate about reaching others for the gospel. They not only made sure we were prepared for all we were going to encounter and accomplish, but made sure we were spiritually and physically taken care of and we spent a lot of time praying for and with one another. I believe there is a stirring just below the surface in Belfast and God is doing something. I’m privileged to have played my small part and can’t wait for the opportunity to go back!

Eric Foshee

Student Pastor

CrossRoads Moss Bluff

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