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3 Reasons to Re-Engage Mission Trips in 2024

It is hard to believe that nearly 4 years ago COVID was about to turn our lives upside down. 

We grew accustomed to changed plans and new realities in ministry. While some changes were for the better. What important ministry opportunities have been lost and not restarted? 

As we enter 2024, the team at Servant Life believes now more than ever is the time to help your church re-engage in short-term mission trips. Short-term mission trips help us learn more about who God is and the mission he has called each of us to be part of. As you plan, we wanted to share a few important ways missions should be a key part of your ministry in 2024.

  1. Short-term missions are our calling as believers in Jesus Christ. 

In Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus gives the Great Commission, commanding that his followers would go and make disciples of all nations. This call to evangelism is for our time at home, in our community, nation, and world. By taking your group on a mission trip, you are helping to fulfill the Great Commission in your group’s lives. On each Servant Life mission trip, your group will get to work alongside missionaries who are deeply engaged in their communities showing the love of Christ through Bible teaching, community outreach, and more. 

2. An opportunity to re-engage with missionaries and ministries around the world.  

COVID was difficult for many of our mission partners around the globe. Even as we approach 4 years since the start of the pandemic, many are still in the process of recovery. The families, churches, and organizations Servant Life partners with across the U.S. and around the globe can serve their community because of groups and churches like you that serve on short-term trips and engage in their long-term plans as partners. Our missionaries are excited to have you join them again!

3. Short-term missions help us gain a better understanding of our worldview and calling.

As each of us goes and serves, we begin to experience that God is the Lord of the world, not just our hometown or the US. While meeting the physical and spiritual needs of others worldwide, we can learn that no matter the culture or what language others speak, we are all humans in need of the Savior, Jesus. At the same time, we can see how God uses our unique skills to serve Him in any context. This discovery process can shape what we do back at home. This might be a calling to serve as a missionary but even more important is the realization that we are called wherever we are to serve Christ and show those around us His love. 

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