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Writing a support letter is one of the easiest ways to get the word out about your trip. By sending out a letter to family, friends, church members and others, you are giving them the opportunity to invest in your life both spiritually and financially.

(If you are looking for different ideas for mission trip fundraising, check out this page!)


Using the list below, begin brainstorming a list of about 50-100 people to whom you could potentially send letters. Try your best not to pre-qualify people (i.e., I doubt they'll give or They're wealthy, you know they'll give).

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Coworkers

  • Employers

  • Neighbors

  • Church members

  • Classmates




As you begin writing your letter, make sure you clearly and concisely explain the purpose of the letter. Keep some of the following guidelines in mind.

  • Identify yourself and bring the reader up to date with what is going on in your life

    • Where you are living

    • What school you attend

    • What year you are in school

  • State the purpose of the trip

    • Include the location to which God has called you to serve

    • Share information about the partners and their ministry

  • Explain your personal vision for the trip

    • How God led you to be involved

    • What you will be doing

    • What you expect to learn from your experience

  • Describe your specific needs

    • Ask them to join you in prayer

    • Explain the financial support needed

    • What you expect to learn from your experience

  • Clearly explain how they can donate

    • Mail a check to Servant Life P.O. Box 36307 Birmingham, AL 35236

    • Make an  online donation

    • Make a donation through another online payment method such as PayPal

    • Include a deadline for giving

  • Share your appreciation for their time and support




  • Give an idea as to the size of gifts they can give - $25, $50, $100, etc.

  • Provide disclaimer such as any gift amount will be helpful

  • Gifts of $50 or more will qualify as a tax-deductible gift and should be made out to Servant Life. Be sure that your name is not on the check anywhere in order for the donation to be tax-deductible. Attach a note that states your name with your letter, so it can be mailed in with their check.

  • As you receive donations, do not forget to send a personal, handwritten thank you note to each supporter.

  • Include Bible verses that may have impacted your spiritual walk and/or show the importance of doing missions.

  • Send out postcards, featuring a photograph of you or the country, to supporters that give specific ways to be praying for your trip and allow them to stay connected to your ministry.

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